I am doing data collection, and i need the participation of 50 female college-aged pro-ana bloggers. You don’t have to reveal any identifying information, nor will you be discriminated against. I am merely going to ask you a series of 16 questions.

Please message me if you are interested, and reblog if you are not able to help, but are willing to be supportive in my data collection.

I’m high as hell watching the smithsonian channel so the last thing I want right now is to go to sleep for my graduate school meeting tomorrow which I have to get up for at like the ass crack of dawn and it’s already 2am.

I want to delete everything.

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If I could spend my entire day eating healthy nome, studying neuropsych, and having Starbucks (in Starbucks), I’d be in heaven. Sadly, heaven doesn’t exist.  :(

The professor i do research with saw my tattoo, read it out loud slowly, and told me i didn’t know what volatile was truly like, as I’m still a college kid and [long story short] therefore not really facing any ‘real life’ problems.

He looked at me like i was an idiot, when he asked why i got it, and i told him that it had personal meaning and that i liked it aesthetically. Why do body modifications have to be such a big deal….any more of a deal than hair dye is?

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