I’m sorry,

Sometimes we just need to twist things to find the positive in our lives. I'm another anon who is proud of you, dear ♥ Every little step and stumble along the way counts. Progress is progress. I know not having one in a while means you're terrified one is coming (at least that's how I am). But you can do this, I have faith in your beautiful self!

from Anonymous

Thank you anon.

The ups & downs that come with BPD are so quick, and o extreme. I go from being fine and feeling good about myself, to wanting to jump off a bridge at the net possibly change. I’m sick of all of this - i’m not able to handle things anymore. I don’t want to handle things anymore. 

I’m so fucked up on Xanax but it never actually knocked me ouut so i’m going to take more until it does. I’m going to fail this semester out for not doing my homework. I’m binging and i feel fat - repulsive - disgusting. Out of control. Unworthy of life.

Right now i just need a hug more than anything else, but i’m alone. i have been for a while now and i’m starting to accept that i most likely always will be. 

Ive been self injuring and binging like crazy all morning so idk what to do. I ws going to spend the entire day doing homework and seeing my doctor tonight, but i cancelled that and took so much xanax that i cant do any work until tomorrow. 

Congratz on not having binge episodes for a while! :)

from Anonymous

Thank you anon - that’s actually a really positive way of looking at things. My eating habits have been all over the place lately so i’m frazzled.

I haven’t had a binge episode in weeks and this is fucking terrifying because now i’m in the midst of a huge one.


from Anonymous

Really? I don’t think we look that alike at all. Actually we talk a lot. So i find it rather ironic that you suggest i look like her, of all people.

You’re too sweettttttttttt stahpppp it Ronnnnnnnn anonnnnn


The moment after - Milan Nenezic 
Hair game strong…..but the adulting thing? Not so strong at all.
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